Gone to young.. Is life really fair?

Hey everyone.

This is more of a tribute. I just found out that someone I went to school with passed away in July. He was only 20 years old. He died in a car crash and wasn’t wearing a seat belt. He wasn’t a friend of mine. But I knew who he was.  He wasn’t at school for the fun of science but if I remember correctly he was at school for the Rugby and the wood work. He was generally always a happy person but a cheeky student who often got sent out of class.

Finding out that a guy who I went to high school with has passed away comes as a shock. It also gives me the chance to re-evaluate my life and the situation I am in. I must say I am blessed and am slowly getting out there and doing what I love and have passion for. This is a reason I promote living life happily and doing things you want to while you can, because a life time sounds like a long time but it passes you by far too fast.

Live life so you have no regrets.  Surround yourself in positive environments.

Anyway R.I.P to my former high school classmate. Go easy!

That’s all for now..


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